What to look for when you are planning to buy a water purifier in UAE

Nowadays, there are numerous water purifier options available in the market. All water purifiers have their own pros, USPs and all claim to give the best water-quality, but how much this is true, we need to figure it out. Importantly, what you need to keep in mind is that almost all water purifiers come with different specifications (technically) and have certain basic needs and requirements, especially when we are looking for water purifiers in UAE.
Knowing which one will work best for you and your family, depends on factors like water quality, water pressure, space available, etc and if you are not sure which one you should go for, don’t worry, you can take a look at this guide on what to look for while buying water purifiers in UAE. Take the tour:
But, before we delve much deeper into which is the best water purifier, let us first figure it out what are the most common water purification techniques we all know. Here: 1: The Most Common Water Purification Techniques There are multiple types of water purification techniques available, however, here are some of the commonly used water purification methods that have proven its suitability for every use. Activated Carbon Filters Activated Carbon filters truly work on ‘adsorption method’. When water passes through the carbon filter, activated carbon adsorbs all the harmful molecules that are present in the water. Activated carbon filters are used as a complimentary filter with other water purification techniques like RO purification and UV purification.
Ultraviolet Purifier UV purification is one of the best options to get rid of harmful chemicals, bacteria and viruses without removing essential minerals that are available and required in the drinking water. UV purification is an Eco-friendly way to purify your water because it does not add any harmful chemicals to your water and it does not waste your water at all.
2. What exactly is TDS? TDS is briefed as ‘Total Dissolved Solids’ which are presented in your water. It is composed of in-organic salts & small amounts of all organic substances which are dissolved in water. Generally, groundwater (water for tube wells, bore wells) has high TDS unlike surface waters (water from lakes, reservoirs, rivers and ponds).
3. How to Select a Water Purifier? Whilst you may come across numerous water purifier online, the below-mentioned parameters will help you decide what to look for when you are planning to buy a water purifier. Read on:
Different types of water purifiers – Which is the best suitable for your water?
Is your surface water from lakes and rivers safe enough, which has been supplied by the municipality or is it groundwater from tube wells, bore wells, supplied by tankers? Ever thought about it?
If it is surface water, then there are chances that TDS dissolved impurities are quite low and you need to only protect yourself from microbiological and harmful impurities like bacteria and viruses. However, if your water is groundwater supplied by tankers, there are chances of a higher level of dissolved impurities, thus, altering the taste of the water, and at certain levels may affect your long term health. It can be anything.

The Power supply in terms of Electricity

Another important parameter that must be kept in mind whilst deciding which water purifier to buy. If you face frequent electric outages in your area, then the best way is to opt for a water purifier with ‘storage’. There are water purifiers that are non-electric storage water purifiers which work on gravity rather than electricity, thus, turns out to be a good option to consider, only if you face erratic power supply in your area.

Water Purifier with Storage

Another reason to use water purifier with storage is if you are in the list of people who get water only for a few hours every day, then storage purifier it is. However, an important thing to consider whilst buying storage water purifier is ‘storage tank contamination’; this means even if your water is purified, there are a few chances of re-contamination in the storage tank. Make sure you take care of everything before consuming the water.


Before you look for water purifiers offline or online, it is important to you have a budget in your mind. This will help in selecting a water purifier that en-compasses all the parameters which include water-type, TDS levels, etc. Also, if your budget is low then you can go for other alternatives that would do a job well enough.


It is crucial to understand that fundamentally a water purifier, whether RO or UV, needs regular servicing and proper replacement of critical components. Services and maintaining a water purifier needs might differ depending on the water-quality, which means if the water quality is poor the water there are more chances of the requirement of service.
So make sure that the services are available in your area and the credentials of the service provider are easy enough to reach-out, before you buy a water purifier.
4. Additional Benefits:
To ensure that you have purchased the best and reliable water purifier, prefer looking for these following features whilst searching for a water purifier, especially online: Best purity process
Stainless steel purification chamber
Energy saver/standby mode
Dual process filtration for high-performance
Inbuilt timer
PureSense Controller to scan the purity continuously

If you can’t find a water purifier in UAE within your budget, then worry not and just simply contact the best suppliers and bring in the best for you and your family. Make sure you do deep research before buying a water purifier. Health is important! Good Luck! Healthy Living!

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