What is the ideal frequency to change the filter of your water purification system?


These days, water purifier has become a necessity for every household and office. If we want to stay away from water-borne diseases, then having a water filter to purify the water we drink is a must. However, there is one more thing that we should keep in mind while we drink water from a water purifier that the various filters of the water purifier have a certain longevity. We cannot use those parts beyond their longevity period, be it the carbon filters, the sediment filters, etc. Some of the water filters have a very intricate and comprehensive help manual which contains the expiry period of all those parts. Sometimes, the maintenance engineers call us and remind us of the forthcoming renewals. If we ignore that, then it will be detrimental for our own health. The reason behind this is that the parts slowly wither after their expiry period. The dirt and bacteria start gathering on those parts like moss gathering on the walls of an old building. As a result, the water we drink are no longer safe as it was before. This will never happen if we change the internal parts of the water purifier within time. For that reason, we must know the ideal time of changing the filter of the water purifier.


Ideal time and frequency to change the filter of your water purification system – Most of the common water purifiers that are used in most of the households and offices of UAE are Kent water purifiers, Livpure and Aquaguard water filters. These water purifiers use RO or Reverse Osmosis and UV or Ultraviolet technology to purify the water. In such cases, the main parts of the purifier that actively purifies the water are sediment filter and carbon filter. These filters not only look into the fact that the germs don’t clog onto the purifier and contaminate the water but also prevents and removes bacteria from the water. Therefore, these filters do a lot of work for even some millilitres of water. It is advised that if these water purifiers are hired for an office, then the filters to be replaced every 3 months. This is due to the fact that the consumption of water is high in offices and within a week, the consumption may go up to 1000 liters. The picture is a little different in the case of households. A normal household generally consists of 5-6 people. For them, these filters do a lot lesser work. Therefore, in these cases, such filters could be removed either semi-annually or once in every nine months. However, the period of replacing the filters must not exceed nine months.


So, we can say that the frequency to change the filters is four times a year for an office and at least once or twice a year for homes.


The health of the water purifiers we use determines the health of our family members or office employees. So, the replacement of the filters of water purifiers cannot be ignored. In the case of offices, it is impossible to remember the exact date of changing the water. Therefore, the top officials should enter into yearly contracts with the company providing the water purifiers. The company officials will themselves come at the right time to replace the water filters. There is a nominal annual amount that is charged for this service. The officials will go through the condition of the purifier and determine the correct time to replace the filters. The households can also avail this service by informing the company. Generally, the maintenance of the filters for the first year or the first two years are free. After that, you will have to pay a nominal charge for replacing any damaged filter part and for servicing the water purifier.

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