What is the Difference between Water Filters, Water Purifiers and Water Softeners?

Difference between water filters, water purifiers and water softners


When you move into your new accommodation, the first thing you check is the condition of the water supply in that area. In order to get pure water, we need to filter and purify the water. Generally, the word filter and purification are used synonymously. Having said this, there are some scientific differences among these two categories. Along with these, some offices, especially hotels and restaurants sometimes keep water softeners with them. In the following section, let us understand what each of these gadgets is and what are the similarities or dissimilarities in between them if any.


Water filters


The basic function of the water filters is to remove the heavy metals. The presence of such heavy metals and other gaseous elements make the water content acidic. There is a limit to which our human body can tolerate such acidic water. Water filters try to neutralize the water as far as practicable and try to keep the pH level in a safe range. Minimizing chlorine and arsenic is a big challenge these days. Water filters help in decreasing these metals, without removing any mineral from the water. The basic mechanism on which the filter works is pressurizing the water through a semipermeable membrane so that most of the heavy metals that are present in the water stays on the other side of the membrane. There is an advantage of this technique, which is no harmful chemical is used in filtering the water. However, if your water purification systems contain only basic water filters, then although most of the heavy metals in the water will be removed, the minerals or harmful bacteria have very low or nil chances of getting removed. Therefore, a water purifier is a must along with the water filter in a water purification system.


Water purifier


As mentioned in the previous section, the water purifiers mainly remove the harmful minerals and bacteria from the water. This property is not available in a water filter that doesn’t have the support of a water purifier. The water purifiers use sophisticated technologies like RO or Reverse Osmosis technology, UV or Ultraviolet Technology to purify the water from bacteria and other germs. Therefore, a water filter devoid of any modern purification technologies is cheaper than the water purifiers. Water purifiers should always have a combination of water filtering and purification technology. This is another difference between water filters from water purifiers. Water purifiers work on decreasing the pH level of water, just like the water filters. However, one negative factor of water purifiers is that they remove the minerals and alkali from water to such an extent, unlike the water filters that water becomes devoid of any minerals valuable for the body.


Water Softener


This product has nothing to do with healthy drinking of water. Water softener helps in decreasing or more specifically removing the white rusty scales produced by water. These scales are often known as watermarks. Utensils, bath ware, and clothes mainly suffer from such white scaly marks. If the water softener is applied while washing the utensils or the clothes, then they will not have any thick white scale and all these things will look like new products. The softeners basically work on hard water and remove the alkali level in it.

These three products, namely, water purifier, water filter and water softener have different properties and advantages and disadvantages. The former two is mostly used by homemakers, while the last one is more popular in hotel and restaurant chains. Sometimes households use water softeners, if the utensils they use or the clothes they wear have very visible watermarks. Water purifiers are much common these days than the water filters, especially in urban households and offices. Although water purifiers and filters mainly help in creating pure drinking water, water softening technologies can be incorporated in the purifiers to create high-quality drinking water.

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