Top Water Purifiers in UAE


Have you been thinking of getting a new water purifier for your home in UAE and confused about the brands to consider? Have you finalized a model or two for the water purifiers and still confused and are seeking an expert opinion regarding the same? Does your old water purifier require a change and you want to make it better by taking an informed decision?? Then, you are lucky to have landed on the best page on the internet today. We have compiled a list of top 5 water purifier providers in UAE for helping you to take the best purchase decision.


 Forbes HD RO Water Purifier


Forbes is a name that is synonymous to quality and robust working and has garnered an audience as well as a market reputation for itself over the past decades. Providing the best quality appliances and home essentials, the Forbes is a leading brand of water purifiers in UAE as well. The Forbes HD RO Water Purifier is the best one in the market that works on the input voltage of 230V and consumes 35W power. The model itself is a lightweight one and has the dimensions of 316X251X462 mm. It prepares 67 litres of water in one go and it can work perfectly in a temperature range of 10 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius.


 AquaDelux Lagoon by Aquaguard


AquaDelux Lagoon is a smart and compact model that comes with the 8-stage filtration process that is mediated by the 10-inch Sediment Filter, 10-inch GAC Filter, 10 inches Carbon Block Filter and Booster Pump that operated on 110/220 V and 50 / 60 Hz power. The AquaDelux Lagoon has the USA made RO Dow Chemical Membrane, Post Inline GAC Filter, Taste and Odour Filter, Mineral Filter, Philips Ultra Violet Filter, Big Cera Alkaline Filter, and a Storage Tank. All these functional units make the whole water purification process one of the best and the safest option for water purification in the market.


Milano Water Purifier


Milano is a famous brand of water purifiers and has earned the praises and reputation amongst the users with its amazing quality and services. The Milano Water Purifiers have a sleek, slim and compact design which can be installed in compact spaces as well. The diameter of the Milano Water Purifier is 370 X 200 X 470 mm. The water purifier has a power rating of 30W and the flow rate of 0.13 litre per minute. The Milano UF water purifier gets rid of the sediments, microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria and produces purified water for consumption. The water purifier also keeps the required level of minerals and salts intact to maintain the natural qualities of the purified water. It also has the post-carbon water purification system that removes any kind of odour and taste from the water.


Kent RO Purifier


Kent is yet another household name in the world of water purifiers that manufactures various types of water purifiers and delivers decent quality robust products. The models have good designs as well that suit every kind of kitchen. The Kent RO water purifier has a diameter of 41 X 26 X 52 cm and requires small space for installation. It has a storage capacity of 8 litres and thus ensures that you have clean water for consumption even when the power is cut off. This water purifier uses double purification process based on the RO+ UV/UF technology.

The Kent RO purifier is one of the best models in the medium price range, is lightweight and has a built-in water indicator that shows the amount of water left in the purifier.


Puripro Under Sink RO Water Purifier


The Puripro RO water purifier works on the Reverse Osmosis technique and is a 7 stage drinking water filter. The filter has been designed to tackle all the serious problems in the impure water and produce purified water at highly affordable costs. The water purifier has a capacity of 200 LPD and weighs around 15 kg. It has a diameter of 49 X 17 X 12 inch and consumes 220V power for operation. The impure water passes through a 7 stage filtering process which removes toxins and impurities at every stage. The Puripro RO water purifier can be installed under the sinks and thus doesn’t require much space for installation.

Well, this completes the list of the Top 5 water purifiers in UAE and now you are armed with the best knowledge to make the best purchase decision. Even if your model is not on the list, you have all the top brands before you which you can choose for buying the water purifiers. So, just pick up that phone and place the order for the water purifier; right NOW!!

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