Is tap water in Dubai safe to drink?

Are you drinking clean and healthy water in Dubai? Do you need to buy water purifiers or bottled water?

People who live in Dubai and new to Dubai have this question in common - is tap water in Dubai safe to drink?  


If you just Google for the term "is tap water in Dubai good to drink", you will find plenty of discussions on various Dubai based forums. And to add to the confusion, you will find conflicting answers everywhere. While many people suggest that the water is filtered and desalinated at the source and so it is safe to consume, many others contradict the same showing a lot of ways how the water supply can get you contaminated water.


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Water Sources & Supply in Sharjah Water resources in the UAE can be classified into conventional and non-conventional. While the conventional water resources mainly depend on rainwater, groundwater, springs and flash floods, non-conventional water is desalinated water and treated wastewater. Though previously Sharjah depended on conventional water resources, currently it relies on non-conventional sources, especially desalinated water.

The Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA) is responsible for supplying water to all parts of the Emirate from both underground and desalination sources. The authority makes sure that the modern desalination plants produce quality desalinated water to residential, commercial and industrial customers through various distribution networks. Considering the increasing demand for pure water, SEWA is investing in new desalination projects as part of its non-conventional water resources management strategy. According to various reports, different steps are taken to regulate world-class drinking water and the standard set for analysing the quality of water in Sharjah follows the WHO guidelines for non-bottled drinking water and CODEX (International Food Code) for bottled water. However, from the desalination plant to the customers, journey before it reaches the consumers make all differences. This makes the residents ask this question - is the water treated and produced in desalination plants and supplied to consumers safe to drink? Though the bottling plants and desalination plants produce high-quality drinking water, the chances of contamination at different stages is high depending on various factors including dirty water tanks where water is stored, unclean and ageing water pipes etc.

Majority of the residents in UAE lives in tenants and flats, where the water tanks are shared by different house units. Though the apartment owners are responsible to take necessary steps to clean water tanks regularly, a few are not keen to clean the water storage units and disinfect the pipelines. The natural contamination along with high levels of lead, copper etc also results in water impurities and this affects the quality of drinking water here.

Is tap water Safe to drink in Sharjah, UAE?

So, if you are searching for the answer to “Is tap water in Sharjah safe to drink? a candid answer would be “no guarantee”. The desalination plants were instructed to produce quality water and they are taking steps to get you clean and safe drinking water. If you are lucky enough, you will get the water free from impurities.

Because of the fear of drinking tap water in Sharjah, many families and offices go for branded bottled-water. The increasing demand for pure water leads to the massive growth of bottled-water brands. The fact is these bottled water is just the same tap water with numerous stages of filtering. Still, a few other brands treat and produce good- quality water with additional levels of filtration and purification and supply mineral water that is popular all over the Emirate.

Nowadays more and more people consider installing water purifier as a better alternative to buying bottled water in homes and offices. If you think that you are getting poor quality water from your tap, it would be better to go for a high-quality water purifier that will filter your pipe water providing water that is safe to drink and use for cooking. A lot of water purifier brands which use different technologies such as RO, UV, and UF are available in UAE. Whole-House water filter system designed specifically for a whole house or commercial application which are capable of removing dirt, chemicals, and other sediments making water clean and safe is another solution for your contaminated water.

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