Ideal pH value of Drinking water Explained

Ideal pH value of drinking water


Before we come to know about the correct pH level that is to be maintained in water, we must know what is meant by pH of the water and how does it affect the purity of water. The value of pH basically indicates how much acidic or basic the water is. The optimum level of pH in water should be 7. The pH level if lesser than 6.5 then the water is acidic and also corrosive in nature. If the level of pH in water indicates that it is acidic, then the water definitely contains toxic metals and is unsafe to drink. When you are moving to a new apartment, you should definitely do a check on the pH level of the water. You should know the condition of the water that you will drink in your new accommodation. If the pH level of water is greater than 8.5, then the water is in basic form. Therefore, the alkali substances present in water is high. Such substances are also toxic to the body. Moreover, this level of pH creates a white deposit after constant use in the substance where it is poured. A lot of people who don’t have a very deep pumping system to pump up the water, often complain that the utensils where they keep the water, has a white rusty layer on it, just after a month of usage. This may be due to the high pH level of the water. So, in either way, the water will not be safe for the body to drink.


Safe pH value of water


Therefore, from the above discussion, the safe range of pH that a person can drink is between 6.5-8 or 8.5. Since, doctors have recently claimed that a little amount of alkali in the body can be helpful for the body, the upper limit for the safe pH level in water can rise up to 8.5. Similarly, a little acidic water isn’t harmful to the body to digest. In fact, it might help to absorb the bolus of food easily. Therefore, the lower limit comes down to 6.5, instead of 7.


Water purifiers that help in maintaining the pH level of water within a safe range


Aquaguard This water purifier has a lot of models which uses RO or Reverse Osmosis technology. This technology decreases the pH factor in the water. So, the alkali substances are removed through this technology.

Kent water purifier Kent water purifier is one of the best purifiers which helps in maintaining proper pH level in the water. There is a model called the Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher. Sometimes removing or reducing the pH level drastically induces bacteria and other germs in the water. Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher takes care of this fact and uses a sediment filter technology to remove the germs of water. As these days doctors recommend that alkaline water may be good for health, these range of water purifiers help to keep a high pH value of water, that is, 8.5. This is the maximum value of the safe level of pH value. At this level, people not only get to drink safe water but also the benefits of minerals and few alkali substances that will be removed at a very lower pH level.

Livpure This water purifier also helps in lowering the pH level of water by using RO and UF technology. Therefore, water that you drink will be devoid of any gaseous toxic elements and will be mostly neither acidic nor basic but in neutral nature.

In conclusion, Kent water purifiers have the best models to deal with the pH problem of water. The pH level maintained in the Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher is high but not so high that it will harm your digestion. On the other hand, at the level of 8.5 pH factor, your body will get the necessary minerals.

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