How Safe is Tap Water to Drink in Fujairah?



Residents across the UAE are very much concerned about the water they are supplied via taps in homes, offices and public places. People living in Fujairah also have the same doubt: Is tap water safe to drink in Fujairah?


If you are a net savvy person who clears doubts via the internet, just search and know whether tap water in Fujairah is safe to drink. Of course, it goes without that saying that you will get a number of results which gives conflicting answers to your question regarding Fujairah tap water quality. While some people have of the opinion that tap water in Fujairah is very well maintained and secure, some think that the water supply in the Emirate contaminates the drinking water.


This article discusses the quality of tap water you get in the flats, apartments, offices, hotels and other public places of Fujairah. Before going deep into the study, know the fact: the water supplied in Fujairah is regularly treated and desalinated. But, how and from where this tap water reaches your table? Read this article and know more...


Source & Supply of Water in Fujairah


The water consumption in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has dramatically increased due to the depletion in the natural availability of water and population expansion. The two main sources of water in Fujairah are groundwater and desalinated seawater. While the rapid exhaustion of groundwater supplies results in the reliance on desalinated water, a substantial number of people believe that the desalinated water they receive is of poor quality and non-drinkable. The authority makes it clear that the drinking-water supplied in Fujairah is desalinated and the purification and cleanliness of the water supply system are scrupulously sustained. Also, considering the increasing demand for water, the Government is taking necessary action to address this issue and enhance the water efficiency across all the regions of the Emirate.  


Amongst the four primary water utilities in the UAE, the Federal Electricity and Water Authority

(FEWA)  is responsible for the production and delivery of tap water in the emirates of Fujairah. According to FEWA, the water produced confirms to all required standards. With enough number of water treatment plants, the authority tries to maintain the WHO standards for drinking water.


Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah according to various sources produce high-quality water from its desalination and filtration plants across the different locations in the UAE.  It is obvious that the quality of tap water you receive varies widely depends on the Emirates because of the differences in the way utility authorities produce it. Even if the water produced from the filtration plant is safe to drink, it undergoes changes when it reaches your home or office. If you are residing far away from the water treatment plant, the water may have to traverse kilometers through unclean and old pipes before it reaches your place. Because of this, the chances of getting impurities in your drinking tap water are also high. So before you start blaming the authorities regarding the water filtration, you should know that the quality of the tap water in your flat, apartments or office depends on the cleanliness and age of the water distribution pipes, the frequency of the cleaning of storage tanks, and the vessels you use to collect water.  


Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Fujairah?


The candid answer to this question would be a “no guarantee”. According to some reports, unlike other Emirates, in Fujairah, the water generated is not by the process like desalination but is pulled directly from the ground. This has created some confusion among the residents and force them to depend on bottled water for drinking. However, a recent study shows that while drinking water from the plastic water bottles, you are potentially exposed to harmful chemicals that cause various health risks including learning and behavioral problems, diabetes and obesity, altered immune system function and many other issues.


Water Purifiers: An Alternative Solution to Bottled-Water


Water purifiers are considered as the best alternative to bottled-water and unsafe tap water. By installing a quality water purifier in your home, you will no longer complain about the quality of your tap water. The first and foremost thing you need to do is find the best water purifier in Fujairah. Buying a quality water purifier will save you from the potential health risks of drinking tap water. You can find a lot of water purifier brands in the Fujairah, UAE which sells quality purifiers that feature easy-to-operate design and use advanced technology like Reverse Osmosis (RO) that helps in removing dissolved inorganic solids from the water along with UV protection and TDS controller which kills all the germs and bacteria effectively from the water.


Now it’s up to you which water purifier brand you need to buy. Check out the most popular water purifiers available in Fujairah and choose the one that suits your needs.


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