How Safe is Tap Water to Drink in Ajman?



Living in Ajman and doubting whether the tap water in Ajman safe to drink? Then, you are only among those who have this question in mind - is tap water in Ajman safe to drink?
If you are internet-savvy, you might have already Googled your doubt and have read plenty of discussions and contents on the topic ‘is tap water safe to drink in Ajman? Did all the content seem reliable? Sometimes you might have got confused reading the forum discussions and news from various portals. While reading the unending discussions, you can find conflicting reports with some people commenting the water is filtered at the source and some believe that the water gets contaminated on its way to supply and storage places.

For people living in Gulf countries like Ajman, the quality of drinking water is a major concern. Despite the governmental investment in water production and delivery system and extensive distribution of drinkable tap water produced in accordance with international standards, many people believe their tap water to be unfit for drinking. For your information, the tap water you get in homes and offices is desalinated. However, it is your responsibility to make it sure that the water you use for cooking and drinking is safe, clean and free from impurities. Now keep reading and know more about where your drinking comes from and how it is filtered.

Water Source and Supply in Ajman Due to the substantial economic growth and population expansion of the UAE in recent years, water consumption has dramatically increased and the availability of water in the United Arab Emirates has decreased considerably. The rapid depletion of groundwater supplies resulted in the increasing dependence on desalinated water. The Government is putting heavy investment and necessary actions for the widespread availability of drinking water to all the residents of the Ajman. The Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA) is the water utility responsible for the production and availability of potable tap water in the emirates of Ajman. FEWA does regular analysis of water through randomly collected samples from its various water desalination stations. The authorities confirm that the water FEWA produce is meant for human consumption and is regulated in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Though the water produced and distributed from the desalination plant is safe, clean for drinking, the journey it takes from the plant to your location may vary and this adversely affects the quality of the water. The ageing and unclean pipe in which the water travels, storage tanks, and your water containers are some of the various factors which affect the quality of your desalinated drinking water. Majority of the population who lives in the flats and apartments of Ajman share the same water tanks. In such cases, if the tenant-owner didn’t take steps to clean the water tanks or storage units regularly, it also will affect the quality of your drinking water. Hence the chances for contamination of desalinated water at various stages before it reaches your dining table are high. The difference in the taste of water makes the people here ask the question- “is the water supplied from the desalination plants is clean and safe to drink?”

Is Tap water Safe to drink in Ajman, UAE? Back to our original question -is tap water safe to drink in Ajman? The candid answer would be a “no guarantee”. No matter whether you are living in hotels, apartments, flats or tenants, if the drinking water is dirty and impure, it will adversely affect your health.
People who are very much concerned about their health believe that the water they are getting in taps is contaminated, resultantly the number of people who rely on bottled water is also increasing. The thought of mineral imbalances, cleanliness of the water source used for production, and the concern about the sanitation of water storage are some of the various reasons behind their perception of drinking tap water.
In UAE, you can find a lot of bottle-water brands which provide filtered water and some other brands which supply mineral water that has undergone advanced levels of filtration and purification. However, a recent study has proved that the over-consumption of mineral water can cause serious health issues.
Healthy & Safe Drinking with Waters Purifiers Water Purifiers is considered as the best alternative to desalinated municipality water or buying bottled water. If you want to use safe and clean water for your drinking and cooking purpose, installing a water purifier at your home would be the highly recommended choice. A high-quality water purifier or whole house water purifier that uses advanced technologies like Reverse Osmosis (RO), UV and UF will be of great help to get quality drinking water that is free of all kinds of impurities.
In Ajman, you can find numerous water purifier brands which sell quality filters or purifiers that use the best technology available. So don’t be late to buy superior quality water purifier from your nearest store. Find some of the most well-received water purifier brands in Ajman.

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