Best Water Purifiers in Dubai


Are you looking for the best water purifiers in Dubai? Well, even though “best” is a subjective term, we like to show you some of the top selling and most popular water purifier brands in Dubai.

We have listed the best water purifiers in Dubai based on a few factors including the technology used for purification, the popularity of the company, overall reviews found on the popular shopping as well as review websites etc.


Popular Water Purifiers in Dubai


1.Aquaguard Water Purifiers


Aquaguard is one of the top selling and most popular water purifier brands in Dubai and the entire UAE. The company has been serving safe drinking water to millions of people in UAE, middle east and other Asian countries for more than 12 years.

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2. Kent Mineral RO Water Purifiers


KENT RO Systems is a leading water purifier company, started with the vision to make the world a healthy and a happy place by providing clean and safe drinking water.  Kent is already one of the leading water purifier companies in India. Now you can buy the same world-class Kent water purifier systems in Dubai and many other regions of the UAE.

KENT is ISO 9001:2008 certified company, so it comes with a lot of trust factor.  The company has achieved several levels of certifications and appreciations for its purifier brands. The company claims it adheres not only to the national standards but they try to follow the international standards.

KENT has several models in UAE. Here are some of the most popular water purifier models from Kent you can purchase in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and other emirates of Dubai:


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Water in every home may be different and the type of purifier you may need also may vary according to the quality and content of the water you receive.


3. Aqua Care RO Filter Systems


Aqua Care RO System is a UAE based company specializing in the water filter and water purifier products. Aqua Care has a wide range of products dealing with different types of water purification processes for both residential as well as commercial purposes. Their product range includes water softeners, water purifiers, water filters, shower filters and more. They also offer pool maintenance services and will take care of maintaining the correct chlorine and Ph levels.

The Aqua RO water purifier models offered by Aqua Care RO Filer Systems include the following models:

Aqua RO 6 Stage Water Filter System


Aqua 5 Stage RO System

Aqua RO 5 Stage- 200 Water Filter

Aqua RO Tap Guard Filter

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4. SachiSa


Axon Filters Technology LLC, a UAE/OMAN based water purifier distributor introduced “SachiSa Alkaline Water Purifiers” in UAE. The company has over a decade of presence in the middle and specializes in RO technology and Alkaline based water purifier systems in the UAE.  If you are looking for a reliable water purifier in Dubai, you can consider SachiSa from Axon Filters Technology.

SachiSa offers the following water purifier models in Dubai, UAE:

  • Sachisa Aqua Alkaline Water Purifier – 7-stage water purification system using Alkaline filtering.
  • Sachisa Aqua UF – works well for home and office use.
  • Sachisa Office Water Purifier – commercial water purifier system for offices and businesses
  • Sachisa Aqua Spa – ideal for filtering of water in shower, spa, bathtub and more.
  • Whole Villa Filtration – Basic Central Filtration System for Villas using sand, activated carbon, gravels and advance triple filtration system.

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If you like to buy SachiSa water purifier in Dubai, you can contact their office in Dubai in the following address:

Lootah Ware House No:4,

Damascus st,

Al Qusais,

Dubai, UAE

P.O Box: 236495


5. Forbes Water Purifiers in UAE – Eureka Forbes Water Purifier Models


Forbes is a global leader in water purification systems from Switzerland. Forbes Lux Group AG is a joint venture between Lux International AG and Eureka Forbes Limited. Better Life is their partner company in UAE region, offering the Forbes range of water filters, water purifiers and other appliances across the UAE with a strong presence in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and other regions of UAE.

If you are looking for Forbes range of water purification systems anywhere in UAE, Better Life can help you.

Through Better Life, Eureka Forbes brings the following models of water filters in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and other regions of UAE. If you are looking for an international brand water filter in Dubai, you can confidently pick one of the following models from Forbes:


SMARTUV – This mode comes with features: Direct tap connection, 3 stage purification, 2 litre/min water flow rate, UV Filtration, In-built Voltage stabilizer, UV Lamp sensing mechanism, Long life cartridge, Error Indicator


Smart Nova – The Smart Nova model comes with features including 3 Stage UV Water Purification, In-built Voltage stabilizer, UV Lamp sensing mechanism, Long life cartridge, Error Indicator.

Forbes Enhanced RO: This water filter from Forbes comes with features and technologies including 4 Smart LED indicators, D-Calcifier to maintain the purifier effectiveness, Smart auto-fill technology, Six stage purification.

Undersink RO – This under the sink RO water purifier from Forbes fits conveniently under your sink in the kitchen without getting noticed by anyone. The features include RO Water Purification System, Designed to fit under the kitchen, Enhanced booster pump, Enhanced protection, Tank Capacity: 12-14 Ltrs.

Forbes Nectar: This model from Forbes offers 100% chemical-free Water Purification System, Unique space nanotechnology, Built-in double storage tank, capacity: 20 ltrs, No running water, and electricity required.


UTS – RO/SINKRO: This mode comes with features including 5 Stage purification process, 10 litres tank capacity, Open type construction, Under sink tap installation.


MAGNA– The Magna model from Forbes comes with features: RO+UV+TDS controller, Magnetron, HD RO, Universal water Purifier

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