Benefits of Purified Water

Though the fortunate ones that have access to purified water which is not limited and is not expected to be so in the near future, might not realize the importance of purified water; but without purified water the life is hell. People fall prey to many illnesses and health conditions such as dysentery, diarrhoea, worm infections, metal poisoning, lead poisoning, pesticide poisoning and viral infections etc by the consumption of polluted water. This is why the purified water is a boon for the humans and makes life possible and blessed.

The following post will be reflecting on the various benefits of Purified Water so that we can learn to cherish the amount we have and stop wasting the most crucial element of life on the planet.

Benefits of Purified Water – Why you should have a water purifier??

• Toxic Metals and Elements: The impure water has a lot of impurities in the form of toxic metals such as lead and aluminum and lots of toxic elements such as Arsenic and Mercury etc which lead to different kinds of poisoning in the human body. These metals are extremely dangerous and give rise to various serious neurological disorders as well. The purified water will be devoid of all such impurities and will pose no serious threats to your life as well.

• Rust and Impurities from the Supply Pipes: Agreed that your supply water is treated and purified at the water supply units before being sent to your homes and offices; but the fact that the carrier pipes and connectors might get dirty, rusty and leaky and, in turn, become breeding grounds for infections and microorganisms, is just too big to be ignored. Hence, we should consume purified water which is purified after being supplied to your homes and produces freshly cleaned water for consumption.In fact, if you are not convinced, you can check the metal mesh at the endings of your taps and see the kind and amount of dirt that has accumulated on it with prolonged use and exposure to water.

• Bacteria and Virus : The impure water is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, protozoa, fungus, algae, and the virus as well. There are many animals and insects that lay eggs in water which means that drinking impure water is just like taking a sip of deadly microbes and microorganisms which will make you fall sick. The purified water lacks all such microbes. In fact, the advanced water purifiers come with advanced UV Filters that have UV light emitters that kill the virus and bacteria and make the water completely pure and fit for consumption.

• Essential Minerals and Salts: The purified water has the optimum mineral and salt level and thus, provides the best combination for human consumption. However, the impure water might have alarmingly high salt and mineral content which reduces its overall quality. The water purifiers remove the excess salts and minerals from the water and bring the total amount into the safe range for humans.

• Taste and Smell: Water is one of those very few things in this world that are utterly healthy and devoid of any taste or smell and are liked alike by everyone across the globe. People might find quinoa and spirulina difficult to ingest owing to that taste and smell respectively, but no one has ever hated water. The purified water is one of the best-tasting things that refresh your nerves and senses and enriches your body and souls.

Some other benefits of having purified water are as follows:
Proper maintenance of bodily fluids and salt concentration
Ensures the health of the digestive system, circulatory system, and renal system
Purified water intake enhances the overall working of the human body and removes the toxins from the body organs in the best possible natural manner
Glowing skin, healthy body and healthy hair are yet another signs that your body is having enough amount of water and free of diseases
Well, there are innumerable benefits of drinking purified water. If you keep your fluid and food intake proper, you will stay away from lots of diseases without having to take those pills and injections. So, when are you going to make that trip to the supermarket and get a water purifier installed into your home??

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