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Water is an essential part of life, it makes sense that we would want to provide the best water for our families. A Water purifier is an effective way to ensure your water tastes good and is safe to drink. Water filters have become a part of everyday life. AquaGuard has been successfully delivering water Purifiers & water filters to domestic consumers, business and large organization throughout Asia and the Middle East for over a decade.

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We are a reliable water filter company, providing durable purifying equipment with scalable technology and solutions to provide safe and healthy water. We are a hard-working bunch of people working to provide you with hygienic drinking water which reflects very simply our promise to care for you, your budget and your family.

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Aquaguard RO Water Purifier / Filter

We have strived to be the best in the Middle East where water is a rare and valuable commodity. Emirates rely on water purification system as compared to bottled waters. There are plenty of articles that support this claim and there are many government officials that support the use of Filtered water against Bottled water. The issue with bottled water is that when they are exposed to sunlight, the plastic in them cause a chemical reaction which affects the quality of water. The toxic level of the water increases which is considered as one of the main reasons for the aging disorders such as; diabetes, constipation, cancer, hypertension etc.

Furthermore, research has proved that alkaline has been the solution for this kind of threats. The government of UAE has taken strict action against the mineral water companies. The ruler of the state has spent enough amount of money to provide drinkable water to the households. However many households are still looking for the option available for the purification of water. This is where Aquaguard steps in; we ensure that by using our Water filters you get the highest quality of water for the entire family.

How Does the Aquaguard Water Purifier Work?

Aquaguard purifier uses RO Technology also known as Reverse Osmosis Technology. This is one of the latest technologies ever since the concept of water purification has been evolved. In simple terms, an RO Water Purifier simply removes all the unnecessary particles from water to make it drinkable.

For those who require further detail, the whole process involves a minimum of SIX stages and can go up to a maximum of EIGHT stages.

It starts off with the purification process, which has the ability to filter particulates up to 5 microns. This purifier membrane is manufactured by a renowned brand and can filter 1/10,000 microns. The size of an average bacteria is about 0.02 micron which comes to 1/200 microns. This water purifying membrane ensures that none of the suspended particles or bacteria can get through this state-of-the-art technology of membrane.

Additionally, the entire equipment has been upgraded by using Bio Cera technology and the UV – Ultraviolet used in the machine is provided by Phillips which adds to the overall quality and value of the product. All of these innovations have made AquaGuard RO Water Purifier one of the largest producers of water Purifier and filter equipment across the Middle East.


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Select from our wide range of products and start having a safe choice of water for you and your family. We serve both Commercial and Domestic needs through our wide range of products. We have collaboration with these major brands in UAE.

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Our Customers Testimonials

“Select from our wide range of products and start having a safe choice of water for you and your family. We serve both Commercial and Domestic needs through our wide range of products.”

“Peace of mind every time I drink water. The Aquaguard Water System is easy to use and the family loves the taste of fresh clean water. What more can I say, it’s worth every fills.”  – Mr. Roy Matthew

Found this was a good investment. My water tastes clean and has no smells. Glad I bought this. One thing I wish is that they had more colors to choose from. Overall I’m happy. -Mr. Raj Shekhar

We have Aquaguard in our home and have tap connected. It is an awesome product and great service. My daughter will only drink this water now even bottled water tastes awful to her.   – Mr. Veenish Subramaniam

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