Alkaline / Water Ionizers


Alkaline water ionizer is a system to get pure and clean drinking water. It charges the water with ions which helps keeping the water clean and healthy. The negatively charged ions are produced with the help of an electrified plate over which the water flows. This charged water is then able to kill off many of the micro organisms in the water and also help in destroying other dissolved contaminants. When you go in for alkaline/water ionizing filtering in UAE, it usually involves small sized machines which can be placed on the kitchen countertop, or even in the empty space below the sink in your kitchen. Just like most other filters, the water flows in through an inlet pipe and it has an outlet from where the purified water flows out. Apart from the electrically charged ionizer plates over which the water would flow, there are also some carbon filters and other traditional filters. Many machines also have LED panels on the front where you can also get other parameters about the purified water, like its alkalinity.

The water that is obtained from this kind of filter has lower acidity and is slightly alkaline. This provides much better oxygenated water to our bodies, which helps in keeping the body safe from different diseases and ailments. If the water had a higher concentration of acids rather than alkalis, the body would actually feel more dehydrated. One must be aware that getting filtered and clean water from a common facility might be a cheaper alternative to an alkaline/water ionizing filter. But the benefits of such a filter actually play out over a number of years, therefore it is not a good idea to discard the idea of this kind of filter just for the cost.

Since it is not a very cheap option, you need to think long and hard before you decide to go in for water ionizing filters in UAE. Therefore you need to ensure that you have as many features on it as possible. For example, see how many electrolytic plates your filter has, and of what type they are. The best option would be to have the plates dipped in either titanium or platinum. The greater the number of plates, the better would be the water quality. You also need to be aware of the oxygen reducing potential (ORP) of your filter. The more negative the ORP value, the better it is for you. You also should insist on getting a filter which has an adjustable pH levels which should be clearly displayed on the front display panel. You should check with the seller what the frequency of replacing the filter is, and what would be the cost of that replacement.

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