Activated carbon Filters


In spite of the rapid urbanization and development in most parts of the world, it is still not advisable to drink the water that is supplied into residential and commercial establishments. It is still necessary for us to treat water because it is not completely fit for human consumption. One option is to buy and drink bottled water. But that is not easy to do throughout the day, every day. We need something that could be applied on to the supply pipeline at home and used to obtain drinkable water.
There are several ways in which our water can be purified and cleansed. But one of the earliest and still most popular ways is called activated carbon water filtering in UAE. The effectiveness of this filtration process is because of the unique adsorbent property of carbon. The active carbon can be obtained from any of the commonly found natural components. Some examples are lignite, coconut shell, coal (bituminous) etc. These materials are then treated with oxygen-free steam at very high temperatures to get the activated carbon.
These activated carbon particles are very good adsorbers of various kinds of contaminants that are usually found in water. Apart from adsorption, some of the contaminants are also reacted with carbon to make the water pure. The use of activated carbon filters in UAE is done for both drinking water as well as for industrial water. When the activated carbon is obtained by treating coal with steam, we get granule activated carbon, which is usually used for purifying drinking water. On the other hand, if activated carbon is obtained by treating lignite coal with steam under controlled conditions, then it is used for industrial purification of water, for removing toxic organic materials.
Activated carbon water filters can be used for removing bad odor, bad taste and common contaminants like chlorine and lead. The water treated with activated carbon filters is also free from toxic mixtures of chlorine and ammonia, called chloroamines. The high surface area of the carbon (powder or granules) used ensures that there is maximum utilization of the carbon particles. This kind of filter is also utilized as a pre-treatment component in RO water treatment plants.
One needs to keep in mind that activated carbon filters are not effective in all cases. There are certain limitations to their use. If the percentage of inorganic and organic contaminants in the water is too high, then activated carbon filters might not be completely effective. The recommended upper limits are 5% for organic impurities and 1% for inorganic particles. This kind of filter also would not work for water which has highly soluble organic content. We must remember that activated carbon filters act best on particulate matter and might not be effective in removing undesirable properties of water like hardness. Fluorides, Microbes and even sodium are not effectively removed by this kind of filters. For the standard water requirements of residential, commercial or even industrial purification of water in UAE, we can offer best quality activated carbon filters.

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