UV Water Filters


The municipal water supply in most parts of Dubai is more or less good for human consumption, but for taking the purity of the water to the next higher level, people prefer to add on a system of ultraviolet water purification in UAE.

The electromagnetic spectrum lies in between normal visible light and the X-rays we see used for medical purposes. The ultraviolet band is found in this spectrum. The rays of light we get from the sun contain UV rays. But these UV rays are not visible to the naked eye.

The property of UV rays that is used in the purification of water is its ability to destroy microbes and micro organisms. For us they just cause sunburn, but for these micro sized organisms, they are the light of death. Medical specialists warn us that too much of the UV rays in sunlight can be harmful for us and even cause cancer, but the UV rays in water are harmless for us, and in fact are beneficial in providing safe and pure water.

What is the inner working of an ultraviolet water filter in UAE? The water is passed through a stream of UV light. This attacks the genetic structure of the microbes and rearranges their DNA, rendering them ineffective of multiplying. This stops the quality of micro-organisms which make them most dangerous – the ability to multiply quickly and in large numbers. UV filters can act on a large number of micro organisms like bacteria, virus, cysts, coliform, salmonella, E.coli and others. They can prevent diseases like flu, polio, dysentery, cholera, meningitis, and hepatitis.

There are several distinct advantages of using UV water filters. Almost every micro organism in water is destroyed using this kind of filter. There is no need to add any harsh chemical to the water to make it safe. This also means that the clean water we get is completely friendly to the environment. Since there is no chemical used, it is also safe for the person using it. There is no unnatural taste or odor as a result of this kind of cleaning. One more advantage is that this kind of filter is very low maintenance, since there is no candles etc. to be changed or no cleaning to be done as part of regular maintenance. Although this system runs on electricity, it doesn’t guzzle a lot of electrical energy. It also completes the purification process quickly.

Although UV water filters are very popular, yet there are a few disadvantages and risks associated with them as well. First, these purification systems are good only for the micro organisms. But they are not effective for dissolved contaminants like metals, salts and hydrocarbons. Also, it works best if there is no other particulate matter in the water. Lastly, if there are any outages in electric supply then the purification by UV water filters is disrupted.

Our UV water filters are very popular because of their effectiveness in ensuring that you get healthy and pure water very conveniently.

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